I’m on TV!

I forgot to announce this on my tumblr ;_; 

Yesterday night at 10pm, CBC The National aired our studio’s Bramble Berry Tales Story! (vimeo link if first one doesn’t work) I cannot believe seeing my art and myself on the national news!! (I show up at like… 5 seconds at the end). I’m really overwhelmed and grateful for Rival Schools for giving me this opportunity to work on this project (as well as many of their other projects)! This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the team’s hard work T^T, so kudos to them!!!  

If you did not know, I’ve been working on Bramble Berry Tales since March 2012, doing many concept art and art assets. It is an amazing experience and I hope to continue to do my best to make this project a success! 

If you want to learn more about the Bramble Berry Tales Project Click Here (official site)
Like the FB page Here
Support us, tell your friends and share it if you are interested! I would really appreciate it u v u Thank you so much everyone!

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